28. January 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Special Events | Zombie-Fest


Where can zombies and humans be observed in peaceful coexistence? Where are brains save from getting nibbled at and where remain heads on their shoulders? Where […]
23. March 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Special Events | Vampirball

Vampire Ball

Do you crave for a glamorous ending to your exciting day at FearCon? We have the perfect opportunity for you. The nobility of the Night Children […]
5. April 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Special Events | Tribal Dance

TRIBE Akasha

With the TRIBE Akasha, we have a very special, dark stage show for you at our first FearCon at Maritim Hotel in Bonn! TRIBE Akasha The […]
25. April 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Special Events | Haunted House

Haunted House

1, 2, Hydra’s coming for you. 3, 4, Enter through our door 5, 6, In your pants are brown bricks 7, 8, Your experience will be […]
28. May 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Special Events | Musical Horror Night

Musical Horror Night

At FearCon in Bonn we will offer you on October 21st in 2017 a very special musical. Enjoy a fantastic evening with Musical Horror Night. Of […]
16. June 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Special Events | Fright Guys


The FrightGuys are waiting for you at FearCon in Bonn and they will have some very special costumes for you. You are dreaming of being photographed […]
31. August 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Event | Figurenwerkstatt Ruland

Figurenwerkstatt Ruland

We are pleased to announce yet another highlight at FearCon. Figurenwerkstatt Ruland (an atelier for figures), best known for their eerie details, will bring some of […]
4. September 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Event | First Jason

First Jason Concert

A good convention needs some excellent music! We are pleased to announce that Ari Lehman will perform with his band First Jason at FearCon on Friday […]
13. October 2017
FearCon | Special Events | Manuel D'Andrea's Makeup-Workshop

Manuel D’Andrea Makeup-Panel

Manuel D’Andrea creates horror make-ups live on stage! The famous cosplayer presents at FearCon 2017 (Sunday, from 10:00 to 11:00 a. m., Saal Maritim) during his […]