FEARCON 2017 | Stargast | Clare Kramer
Clare Kramer
17. January 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Stargast | DJ Qualls
DJ Qualls
30. January 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Special Events | Zombie-Fest

FEARCON 2017 | Special Events | Zombie-Fest

Where can zombies and humans be observed in peaceful coexistence? Where are brains save from getting nibbled at and where remain heads on their shoulders? Where are dancing the undead with the living until they drop (un)dead? At FearCon!

Whether alive or (un)dead, we all celebrate and have a party that zombies will love to bits – proverbial, of course. Get out your The Dead or The Living outfit and dance with us through the night of the nights at FearCon 2017.

Entrance free.


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