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2. February 2017
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23. March 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Stargast | Brandon Jay McLaren

FEARCON 2017 | Stargast | Brandon Jay McLaren

Brandon Jay McLaren, well-known from Slasher, Falling Skies and The Killing is coming to our first FearCon in Bonn in October.

Brandon Jay McLaren studied Drama for five years and worked with the Johnston Heights Theatre Company. In 2003, he began his acting career and since then has been seen in both television and film.

His first big role was as Jack Landors in Power Rangers: S.P.D. in 2005. He also played Danny Brooks on Harper’s Island, Jamil Dexter on Falling Skies and Dylan Bennett on the horror television series Slasher.

Since 2017 he can be seen in the TV series Randsom as Oliver Yates.

Prices for autographs and photosession

Prices for autographs and Photo ops to be announced. As soon as these are available, the prices are displayed here as well as in our article about Prices for Tickets, AG & PO.
Autographs and Photosessions are not included in the entry ticket. Appearance of actors are subject to work commitment.

Sources & additional links for Brandon Jay McLaren:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, IMDb


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