FEARCON 2017 | Event | Figurenwerkstatt Ruland
Figurenwerkstatt Ruland
31. August 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Event | First Jason
First Jason Concert
4. September 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Stargast | Camden Toy

FEARCON 2017 | Stargast | Camden Toy

If you like horror movies and series, you probably already have come across him: Camden Toy! He will join us for FearCon in October!

The horror genre is Camden Toy’s thing! He has taken part in a couple of productions so far. Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer know him as the Ubervamp or Gnarl. He’s also played in Angel (Prince of Lies), All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos, The Mentalist, Mansfield Path (Red), Big Bad Bugs (Sydney Gerber) und A Blood Story (Francis / Ferenc Nadasdy). Toy was a series regular on both the Emmy Award winning series The Bay. In 2015 he played a Clown in Bedeviled and his next project is Dracula’s War, where he’s gotten the role of Jonathan Harker.

Prices for autographs and photosession

Prices for autographs and Photo ops to be announced. As soon as these are available, the prices are displayed here as well as in our article about Prices for Tickets, AG & PO.
Autographs and Photosessions are not included in the entry ticket. Appearance of actors are subject to work commitment.

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