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19. June 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Vortragender | Dr. Kai Naumann
Dr. Kai Naumann
14. July 2017
FEARCON 2017 | Workshop | Live Horror Makeup by Manuel D'Andrea

FEARCON 2017 | Workshop | Live Horror Makeup by Manuel D'Andrea

With Manuel D’Andrea we have a very talented artist at FearCon in Bonn who will give a horror Makeup workshop live on stage.

Manuel will also be in our Cosplay Contest Jury as a judge and he’s working on a new Horror Cosplay that he will bring to FearCon.

Born and raised in a little town near Rome in 1993, Manuel develops a passion for creativity and art from the first years of life. He has a vocation for painting, draw, graphic art and post-production, tailoring, decoration, and sculpture. In 2011, he discovered a particular skill for creating costumes, this is the year when he creates his first cosplay. In 2012, he won some important prizes like the Italian Championship and in March 2013 he creates his personal Costume brand “Midnight Costumes” a space dedicated to the creation of high-quality costumes, from Cosplay to themes like wedding dresses.
Manuel continues his artistic career, applying his art also in the designers world, where he creates Artwork from various merchandise (from T-shirts to interior design) and starting from 2016 on, he decides to create a space on his social media channels where he transforms his face with make-up into different types of characters from male to female, from human to fantasy.

Nowadays, Manuel works actively as a costume designer, graphics and traditional designer and make-up artist.

“I try every time to make dreams and fantasy comes true, there is only one way to make this possible and this way is called Art.”.

Are you dying to meet him? Come to FearCon and have a chat at his booth and watch him live giving his workshop on stage.

Sources & additional links for Manuel D’Andrea:

Facebook, Instagram


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